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Drug dependence is a chronically relapsing condition characterized by an impulse to take a drug.  This lack of control can lead to a negative emotional state requiring treatment at a rehab facility such as Drug TreatmentCenters Syracuse. Drug addiction has characteristics of impulse control disorders that should be carefully monitored at a drug treatment center. These drug rehab facilities provide a safe detox and drug treatment protocol in which patients are administered medications to control drug cravings and a number of other therapies to identify individual causes of drug abuse.

Potential medications have been tested and ongoing research is being conducted in the field of addiction. At Alcohol Treatment Centers Syracuse, our treatment approach is based on current research. Call us at (315) 291-5022.

The Addiction Cycle

It has been suggested that an individual moves from experimenting with drugs occasionally to developing a compulsive drug-seeking disorder within a cycle comprised of three stages:

Misuse: this is the stage in which individuals take drugs in a social setting to alleviate physical or emotional pain. Due to the calming effect of some drugs, users may decide to try them a second time, and then a third, and so on.

Abuse: Some individuals can quickly adapt to the desired effects these drugs have on them.They use them to escape from reality. The cause of the drug abuse remains unresolved, and other problems begin to develop. Drug or alcohol cravings now become the person’s new reality.

Addiction: A lot of time and money is spent on drugs throughout this phase. Once the individual is rooted in the cycle of addiction, other consequences may appear, which affect the health, social and emotional state of the addict. The user may struggle to admit that he or she has a problem, and blames it on circumstances and others instead of facing the reality of addiction. Find addiction treatment for you or your loved one by calling (315) 291-5022.

Addiction Pharmacotherapy

The main goal of a current neurobiological study is to research the molecular and neuro-pharmacological changes that cause the change from occasional drug use to the intense negative behavior leading to chronic addiction. AtAlcohol Treatment Centers Syracuse,medications and other comprehensive substance abuse treatment plans are combined on order to achieve the ultimate goal – having patients recover in a constructive atmosphere that encourages full social functioning.

Medications for opioid dependence, for example, may include:

Methadone: this is an artificial opioid that blocks the effects of prescription opiates and heroin. This drug has been used for many years, yielding positive results. Methadone can reduce symptoms of withdrawal considerably and relieve cravings for heroin and prescribed opiates.

Buprenorphine: This is anFDA-approved partial agonist used to treat opioid addiction. At low doses this drug can produce enough effects to allow individuals addicted to opioids to withdraw from them without going through withdrawal symptoms. 

Naltrexone: This non-opioid drug has been approved to treat opioid dependence. It works as an opioid receptor antagonist by effectively blocking them. This action blocks opioid receptors from being triggered by compounds in drugs such as heroin or prescribed medications. It can also help moderate cravings and avoid relapse.

Holistic Recovery

Individuals struggling with addiction generally have other underlying issues, which need to be resolved. These problems are commonly caused by a chemical imbalance, past traumas, false beliefs, and difficulty coping with life struggles in general. When these issues are not addressed and dealt with, the person will continue to pursue an addictive lifestyle.

Holistic treatment, combined with medical treatment, is an advantageous approach to heal and restore a person’s whole being. This therapeutic approach has been adapted to treat all types of addictions and mental health issues. Patients at Drug Treatment CentersSyracuse have several alternative options for treatment, including:

  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Massage therapy
  • Acupuncture (Auricular acupuncture)
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Biofeedback
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Horse assisted therapy (Equine therapy)
  • Christian therapy

Find out more about these and other options for addiction treatment by calling Alcohol Treatment Centers Syracuse at (315) 291-5022.

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