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If you know someone who is struggling with addiction to drugs, alcohol or prescription medications, you should consider intervention at a Syracuse alcohol and drug detox facility.  Without this type of external intervention, many alcohol and drug addicts are unwilling to take the necessary steps to seek professional treatment.  Even if you are able to gather friends and loved ones to help convince an addict to obtain treatment, you may not actually be successful in persuading them. 

Determine if someone is an Addict

There are many signs of alcohol and drug addiction including:

  • Frequent Bloodshot eyes
  • Insomnia
  • Irrational behavior
  • Violence or criminal acts
  • Slurred speech
  • Presence of drug paraphernalia

If you witness these signs of alcohol and drug use in a friend or family member please talk to them about their addiction.  Addicts are usually unaware of the long term adverse effects of their substance abuse. This is why friends and family members are so important in the lives of an addict. Not just to intervene on their behalf and recommend rehabilitation, but to remind the addict of the potential damage the drugs can cause. 

Ignoring an Addiction is Only a More Subtle form of Enablement

It probably grieves you deeply to see a family member or dear friend spiral down into addiction.  You probably want to help them, but you keep giving yourself a number of excuses not to interfere.  You may feel like your words will be ineffectual, you are unqualified to help, or that you lack the resources to help if they agree.  If you convince yourself not to get involved, you may be saddled with guilt when your loved one is imprisoned, hospitalized or killed due to their drug abuse and alcohol addiction.

Intervention and Participation in an Alcohol and Drug Detox Program

In many cases, an intervention will lead to treatment and recovery over time.  Even if you are not successful in persuading an addict to voluntarily seek treatment, Syracuse alcohol and drug detox centers will provide personnel who will meet with an addict and encourage them to make the right decision. In some cases addicts may be homeless, destitute, and violent. Syracuse alcohol and drug detox understands why you may feel afraid or ashamed of seeing your family or loved one in a state of agonizing withdrawal and addiction. Our Alcohol and Drug Detox center will provide outreach paramedics in the case that you cannot get them to the facility voluntarily.

Addiction Therapy will reveal the secrets to Lifelong Sobriety

Even involuntary detox can help an addict, because it removes them from an environment where they can readily obtain drugs and alcohol.  Once their bodies and minds have adjusted to a chemical free state, they will be much more amenable to treatment and more likely to recognize the appeal of sobriety. Effective psychotherapy will instill in them a desire to maintain this sobriety, repair lost relationships and rebuild their damaged lives.  When the treatment and recovery program is complete, they will find ongoing support and accountability through family, friends and treatment organizations.

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